You Need Softbox Lighting Australia!

Mar 07, 23

You Need Softbox Lighting Australia!

At MyLensBall, we stock a vast range of studio lighting for both photographers and videographers. All our LED studio lights, Continuous lighting kits and video lights sync seamlessly with your camera equipment and are easy to install.

Why Choose Softbox Lighting?

Using a softbox allows any visual creative to master, modify and control the quality of light. A softbox modifies the intensity and quality of light emitted by studio-grade bulbs, flash and LEDs. The convenience of a continuous lighting kit and softbox is unmatched.

Build Your Ideal Lighting Kit

There’s a softbox lighting kit to suit every niche of photography and videography, from products and food to portraits. The best bit is building your ideal lighting kit to suit your specific needs. Once you’ve assessed the size of your studio space, you need to determine if you want a single, double or triple light and softbox kit. Other options include lighting kits with boom arms for overhead work.

Buy Quality Softbox Lighting Kits Without Breaking The Bank

There are so many lighting systems, modifiers and accessories that it can be hard to know what you need. What’s more, it would be too easy to overspend on softbox lighting gear. MyLensBall offers a high-quality range of affordable softbox lighting systems to elevate the quality of your photography and videography projects.

You don’t need a truckload of fancy equipment to make content work - just a few of the best pieces. Aside from our affordable range of quality softbox lighting systems, we also offer a range of By Now Pay Later options, including Afterpay and Shop Pay.

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