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ProFlex Boom Arm Softbox Lighting Kit: Professional Lighting for Photographers and Videographers

Achieve the perfect lighting setup for your photography and videography projects with the ProFlex Boom Arm Softbox Lighting Kit. Designed for both professionals and hobbyists, this kit provides versatile and high-quality lighting solutions that enhance the quality of your photos and videos.

Key Features:

  1. Professional-Grade Lighting:

    • The ProFlex Boom Arm Softbox Lighting Kit is designed to provide key or soft lights for any scene, ensuring high-quality photos and videos with optimal lighting. Perfect for portrait, product, and studio photography, as well as video production.
  2. Adjustable Boom Arm:

    • The included boom arm extends from 76 cm to 140 cm, allowing you to position the softbox at the perfect angle and distance. The quick release lock feature makes adjusting the height of the stand and the length of the boom arm simple and quick, providing maximum flexibility.
  3. Ultimate Light Control:

    • The rectangular quick setup softbox with AC socket is made of high-quality nylon for durability and long-lasting performance. It offers two levels of light control: use the softbox alone for direct lighting or add the external white cover for even softer and diffused light. This minimizes light loss and maximizes light spread, ensuring perfect shooting conditions every time.
  4. Easy Setup and Portability:

    • Designed with convenience in mind, the lightweight and compact design of the tripod stands and boom arm make this kit easy to transport and set up for on-site and off-site photo shoots. Whether you're a professional photographer or a hobbyist, this kit is ideal for quick and hassle-free lighting setup.
  5. Energy Efficient and Long-Lasting:

    • The kit is available with either a 135W/5500K energy-saving light bulb or an 85W LED adjustable bulb. The daylight color temperature provides natural-looking light, preventing color aberration. With our UL-listed and energy star compliant bulbs, you can enjoy flicker-free lighting while saving energy. The bulbs have an average life of 8,000 hours, ensuring long-lasting performance. Additionally, the softbox is compatible with both code and AU plug, making it suitable for various locations.

Product Specifications:

  • Softbox Material: High-quality nylon
  • Boom Arm Length: Adjustable from 76 cm to 140 cm
  • Light Bulb Options: 135W/5500K energy-saving bulb or 85W/3200K-5500K LED adjustable bulb or 150W/3200K-6000K RGB LED adjustable bulb
  • Average Bulb Life: 8,000 hours
  • Color Temperature: Daylight 5500K or 3200K-5500K or 3200K- 6000K
  • Stand Height: Adjustable tripod stands
  • Compatibility: Compatible with both code and AU plug

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Boom Arm (extends from 76 cm to 140 cm)
  • 1 x Rectangular Quick Setup Softbox with AC Socket
  • 1 x External White Cover for Softbox
  • 1 x 135W/5500K Energy-Saving Light Bulb or 1 x 85W LED Adjustable Bulb or 1 x 150W RGB LED Adjustable Bulb
  • 1 x Adjustable Tripod Stand
  • 1 x Carrying Bag for Easy Transport and Storage

Why Choose the ProFlex Boom Arm Softbox Lighting Kit?

  • Professional Lighting: Achieve studio-quality lighting for photos and videos with key or soft lights that enhance the clarity and detail of your shots.
  • Flexibility and Control: Adjustable boom arm and light control options provide flexibility to position the light exactly where you need it, ensuring optimal illumination for any scene.
  • Convenience and Portability: Lightweight and compact design allows for easy setup, transport, and storage, making it perfect for both studio and on-location shoots.
  • Energy Efficiency: Choose between a 135W energy-saving bulb or an 85W LED adjustable bulb, both offering long-lasting, flicker-free lighting while helping you save on energy costs.

Perfect for Various Applications:

  • Photography Studios: Ideal for portrait, product, and fashion photography, providing professional-grade lighting to capture stunning images.
  • Video Production: Enhance your video shoots with soft, diffused lighting that reduces harsh shadows and highlights your subjects.
  • Content Creation: Perfect for YouTube videos, live streaming, and other online content, ensuring your videos are well-lit and professional.

Expand Your Lighting Setup

Explore our Softbox Collection to see how you can add this versatile Boom Arm Softbox Lighting Kit to your existing twin kits. Convert them into comprehensive 3-point lighting setups for even more control and creativity in your shoots.

Upgrade your lighting setup with the ProFlex Boom Arm Softbox Lighting Kit and experience the difference that high-quality, professional lighting can make in your photography and videography projects. Order yours today and take your creative work to new heights!


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My LensBall
High-quality handcrafted crystal ball construction, perfectly transparent, and highly durable.
Premium optical grade technology built with the same precision as the finest camera lens, My LensBall are free from the bubbles & imperfections seen on cheaper models.
FREE included Lensball Ball Glass Crystal Stand and Gift Box.
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My LensBall Pro Edition


My LensBall Pro Edition

Our Pro Edition Lensball has been designed for beginners as well as for professional photographers. Our goal is to make this accessible to anyone interested in photography. Our Pro Edition Lensball works with professional cameras as well as smartphones, to deliver the best experience regardless of platform.

1 Year Warranty

Hand Crafted  Crystal

4 Different Sizes

 80mm -100mm             110mm -150mm


Find anything you want to know about our MyLensBall
What is a Lensball?
Lensball is a hardened clear crystal sphere designed specifically for photography purposes. Because of its spherical effect, it shows you a 180° degree view of your surroundings creating a truly unique visual effect.
Do I need special equipment to use a Lensball?
Our Lensball is extremely simple to use, you don't need to invest in a DSLR camera to get great shots. MyLensBall is fully compatible with any Smartphone, so what are you waiting for. 
What makes your Lensball different?
MyLensBall is Ultra high-quality & features handcrafted construction and is perfectly transparent, highly durable. Our Lensball features Pro Grade K9 Crystal: This is the same crystal that is used for camera lenses and microscopes due to its extremely high light transmittance and light-refracting characteristics.
How do you maintain your Lensball
The best way to maintain your Lensball is by keeping it clean & free of dust, fingerprints, we recommend using our custom made microfibre cloths. The use of our Lensball pouch is always a great idea when not in use to keep your Lensball in top top condition.
What Other Photography Items You Offer?
Our range is constantly evolving, currently we offer Lensballs, Mini Photo Studio's, Studio Lighting, Tripods, Mounts, and accessories for content creation.
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We generally ship standard free shipping orders in 48 hours. Standard Australia Post delivery is 3-7 business days for most locations. If you need it in a hurry we offer express post (charges apply) express delivery is approxmatley 1-3 business days for most metro locations.
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We stand our products at MyLensBall, and each product is backed by a 1-year warranty for your piece of mind, we offer an extended warranty up to 5 years on checkout.
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MyLensBall currently accepts the following types of payment, Visa Mastercard Amex, Afterpay & Google Pay
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